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A Day in the Life of Our East Midlands SEN Consultant, Rosie

I’m Rosie, the SEN consultant for the East Midlands. I’m a 360 consultant, so I do both the client and candidate side of things, including business development, sourcing candidates, interviewing candidates, and more.

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2 Promotions in 9 Months: Ellie’s Career Story

Since joining us in October 2023, Ellie has achieved two promotions and is on track for a massively successful future at Smile Education.

We sat down with her to learn more about what led her to change career paths and enter the world of recruitment, and some of the advice she’d offer those who are looking to join the industry.

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From Graduate to Leader: Olivia's Career Story

Meet Olivia, who started Smile Education as a graduate in 2013. Since then, she has gone on to achieve promotion after promotion.

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From Graduate to Director: Kash’s Career at Smile Education

From joining us as a graduate in 2015, Kash’s career has flourished, so much so that he’s now leading our newest regional division in the North West. We spoke to Kash to find out exactly how he did it, as well as talk about some of the advice he’d give to someone looking to enter the world of recruitment.

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How we celebrated LGBTQIA+ History Month

Working in education means we deal with a variety of different people every day and are passionate about promoting and celebrating diversity. This is why we couldn't help but get involved with LGBTQIA+ History Month. 

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We're having a cuppa this Brew Monday

Our team enjoyed taking part in Brew Monday an initiative Samaritans to encourage us all to connect.

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A Day in the Life of a Compliance Administrator

We asked our Compliance Administrator, Georgia, to give us (and you) an insight into her day and the role of a compliance administrator in recruitment.

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From Graduate Trainee to Executive Associate Director

Kash talks about his career journey at Smile Education and looks back at how far he has come.

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Who run recruitment? Girls!

Recruitment is a ‘boy’s club’ they say. Well, we are proof that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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How working for Smile is similar to being the Queen

Think there are no similarities between working for Smile Education and being the Qeen (or King) or England. Think again! 

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Priya's Special Achievement

Priya started her career in recruitment and joined the Smile team just under two months ago but she’s already the very proud winner of our monthly special achievement award.

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More than just results

We asked Louise, our Compliance Team Leader, to give us an insight into life at Smile and what it’s like to work for a company that doesn’t just value results.

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Being a Team Teach mentor

We are in a great position to have not one, but two experienced and qualified Tutors who can deliver these skills to those in need. Here Louise, one of our Team Teach Tutors (and our Compliance Team Leader) talks about the Team Teach course, why it’s important, who should do it and what she likes about it.

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What our team learned from safer recruitment training

Katy our MD, who is safer recruitment trained, run a training session recently to ensure that our new recruits were up to speed. Here is what they had they learnt during their training, how the impact it has had on their work and why they believe safer recruitment training is important for all those recruiting in the education sector.

Working at Smile - 19-10-2020 - - 0 comments
Beth becomes a first aider

Up-skilling is something that we really believe in and we are always looking for new ways to support our team with their personal development. But it’s not all recruitment-based learning. Beth, part of our candidate team, had the chance earlier this year to gain a first aid qualification and became one of our nominated workplace first aiders - more on this (from Beth’s point of view) in a click.

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Olivia becomes a mental health first aider

It’s important to us that our team continue learning and developing during their time with us. While we offer lots of training through recruitment networks like the TRN, we also give our team the opportunity to develop their persona skills too. Olivia, our secondary team leader, recently attended a training course and became a mental health first aider so she could better support her team.

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Staying 'Match Fit' During Lockdown

How Vicky, part of our candidate care team, used her time in lockdown wisely.

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Nasriin's First Year at Smile

Nasriin joined us a year ago. Learn more about her experience working at Smile. 

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Starting a new job during a pandemic

Georgia, our lovely compliance administrator, talks about her journey with Smile so far and what it was like starting a new job just as the pandemic hit.

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National Smile month. 100 things that make us happy!

Its our month! National Smile month that is, here we tell you 100 things that make us smile, our favourite things are much needed in these challenging times.

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10 reasons we love working in education recruitment

Valentine’s Day has us feeling all warm and fuzzy and got us thinking about the many reasons why we love working in education recruitment (nothing to do with it being half-term tomorrow, of course). Anyway, these are the 10 reasons that we love working in education recruitment.

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It's Time to Talk about mental health

To show our commitment to mental health we took part in Time to Talk Day.

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Why we love working in Cannock

We recently opened up our new, second office in Cannock and while we’ll always love working in Birmingham, Cannock does hold a special place in our hearts. Here are the reasons why we love working in Cannock.

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Our Favourite Books

The team shared their favourite books from now and back then in honour of National Reading Day.

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Why we love workng in Birmingham

Our head office is based in Birmingham city centre and has been for over 10 years now. As such we’ve really grown to love the place and all it has to offer. These are the 10 reasons why…

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Our Annual Team Holiday

Everyone loves a holiday, right? How about an all-expenses-paid holiday? Well, as an employee of Smile Education that’s exactly what you can expect. 

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Priya's internship with Smile

Priya, a graduate from De Montfort University, talks about what she learnt from her internship with Smile.

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Christmas Jumper Day at Smile

‘Tis the season for Christmas jumper wearing and today we donned our festive knits to help raise money for St. Mary’s Hospice Birmingham.

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It is beginning to look at lot like Christmas

It's all getting very festive in the Smile office and starting to look and feel like Christmas.

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Welcome to the team Laura - our new Director of Leadership

We'd like to give a very warm welcome to Laura, who recently joined us as our Director of Leadership. The role will see Laura work alongside our school supply team and place headteachers and other school leaders in roles across the Midlands.

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Conor's Smile Story

The team at Smile is made up of consultants and compliance admins. While our consultants work hard to find you work, it’s our compliance admins who make sure that you are able to work. Get to know Conor, our Senior Compliance Administrator, a little better and find out what his day is like.

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Rep-to-Rec - Emma's Story

Emma, our Director, previously worked abroad as a holiday rep before joining Smile. This is her story and why she thinks that those who have repped make great recruitment consultants. 

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What values does a recruitment agency really have?

Recruitment companies often have a bad reputation but not all of them deserve it. Katy, MD of Smile, talks about the values which Smile has that makes Smile different than the rest.

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Smile Signs The Time To Change Pledge

We recently signed the Time to Change to show our commitment to mental health in the workplace.


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