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Working at Smile - 04-09-2023 - - 0 comments
2 Promotions in 9 Months: Ellie’s Career Story

Since joining us in October 2023, Ellie has achieved two promotions and is on track for a massively successful future at Smile Education.

We sat down with her to learn more about what led her to change career paths and enter the world of recruitment, and some of the advice she’d offer those who are looking to join the industry.

Talk us through the beginnings of your recruitment career with Smile Education

I started off as a trainee recruitment consultant, and applied to Smile as I was immediately drawn to the character and personality of the team. After a few interviews, I joined Smile Education in October 2022.

I chose to join Smile as I was looking for a new opportunity after spending 5 years in the early years sector. I was more than ready to progress, and wanted a new challenge as I felt I wanted more from my career. I found that education recruitment supported my passion for education, and liked that by working in the sector I’d still be supporting the wellbeing of children and young people.

How were you supported when you started at Smile Education?

Adam made me feel so welcomed throughout the onboarding process and answered tonnes of my questions – understandably I was nervous because I was going into a completely new role I’d never done before!

In my first few weeks, I met the whole team, and was really impressed by the positive working environment and support offered by the team. It was so interesting to talk to everyone about their career journey, especially those who had been in the industry for a while. I was given a clear training programme and plan so I always knew what was coming next. As part of this training, I was given the opportunity to learn from different members of the team, who were all really supportive and helpful. I never felt silly asking questions, though I did have a lot of them!

The support I’ve received and continue to receive at Smile is a massive benefit to the role – you really feel like you’re developing your skills and improving each and every day. It’s refreshing to work with a team that’s genuinely passionate about what they do and cares about the education sector.

How has your career grown since you started?

Since starting at Smile, I’ve not looked back! In my first 9 months, I received 2 promotions, as well as winning consultant of the month twice. I’m super excited to continue to work and grow even more as a recruitment consultant, and with the support of my manager and the rest of the team, I feel so positive about my future here.

What makes you proud to work at Smile Education?

Smile never fails to make their team feel valued and appreciated, and one way they do this is through the monthly breakfast meetings. We’ll always get together to celebrate people’s achievements and the collective goals we’ve reached.

I’m so proud of getting to work with a team of absolute experts in their field, especially getting to know them at team building days and after work activities. Everyone is committed to what they do and takes the time to support each other, as well as the schools themselves beyond recruitment, such as summer fairs, charity work and events.

What are your goals for the future?

I’d like to see where the success I’ve had over the time I’ve been at Smile will take me in the future! I’d love to hit another two promotions next year following on from what I’ve achieved so far, and want to continue to support schools further. In the long run, I can see myself leading a team and providing support to other newcomers, just like the support I received when I started!

Do you have any advice you’d give to people looking to work in recruitment at Smile Education?

Take the jump! If you’re similar to me and have never worked in recruitment but want a new challenge, my one piece of advice is to just do it.

The opportunities you can access are endless, and you’ll always be encouraged to reach for more. Not only this but if you’re worried about not having done the role before, the team know talent when they see it, and you’ll be given all the training you need.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that consistency is key! Your best might look different every day, but it’s important to make sure you’re consistent in what you do. You’ll always have the support of your team behind you if you need help.


Looking for a job in education recruitment?

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