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Working at Smile - 12-05-2020 - - 0 comments
National Smile month. 100 things that make us happy!

It's National Smile Month (yes, who knew we had a whole month dedicated to us?). We thought that there was no better time than the present to talk about just some of the things (100 to be precise) that make us smile. 

100 things that make us happy

(in no particular order)

  1. Sunny skies

  2. Meeting so many lovely teachers and school staff

  3. Doing things for charity 

  4. Cups of tea

  5. Smile Soccer Stars 

  6. Listening to the radio

  7. Deliveries

  8. Working with schools

  9. Making plans

  10. Our annual team holiday 

  11. Reading

  12. Making lists 

  13. Exhibiting at university and college fairs

  14. Fresh bed sheets

  15. Conor's dad jokes

  16. Chocolate

  17. A tidy office

  18. The Smile board game

  19. Pick'n'mix

  20. Dogs (any kind)

  21. Singing

  22. Hinching - if you know, you know

  23. Champagne Club

  24. Quizzes

  25. Gin

  26. People getting promotions

  27. New clothes 

  28. Disney

  29. Travelling 

  30. Biscuits (of any kind but especially Custard Cremes)

  31. Helping out at school events 

  32. Solving problems

  33. Good music 

  34. Knowing we are making a difference to children

  35. Toilet paper mummies

  36. Bon Qui Qui

  37. Prosecco

  38. Breakfast meeting breakfasts

  39. Baking

  40. Our new office 

  41. Flowers

  42. The school holidays 

  43. The smell of bread baking

  44. Netflix

  45. New pens 

  46. Bake Off - both ours and the TV show

  47. Spending time with friends

  48. Nando's

  49. Patrick and his love of wearing other people's coats

  50. Hearing good feedback from happy school staff

  51. Baby Guinness

  52. Hot baths (preferably with Lush bath bombs)

  53. New post-its

  54. Hugs

  55. Friday night drinks

  56. Secret Santa 

  57. Long walks

  58. Freebies

  59. Flying to PB Island

  60. Winning a game

  61. Good hair days

  62. Annual Smile Conference 

  63. A new notebook

  64. Finding money you didn't know you had 

  65. Getting a letter (as long as it's not a bill)

  66. Finding out some got the job

  67. Telling someone they got the job

  68. The ocean

  69. Timing it just right for the bus/train

  70. 5-star Google reviews 

  71. Animals (especially baby animals)

  72. Helping people

  73. That new car smell

  74. Leggings

  75. Louise's Quotes of the Year

  76. Taking photos

  77. The Smile Graduate Academy

  78. Knowing all the lyrics

  79. Celebrating not one but two birthdays (our actual and our Smile)

  80. Birthday cake 

  81. The rain of the roof of a caravan

  82. Laughter

  83. Going out out

  84. Giving people new skills - emergency paediatric first aid, cover supervisor and Team Teach training 

  85. Finding two socks that match

  86. Lie-ins

  87. The way Jaleesa says London

  88. Hearing that someone recommended us

  89. Dancing 

  90. Our yearly visit from Santa

  91. A good night's sleep

  92. Food (of any kind but especially garlic bread)

  93. Online shopping

  94. Working in Birmingham city centre

  95. Trying new things

  96. Discounts

  97. Mary's accent 

  98. Funny Tik Tok videos

  99. Learning something new

  100. A clean house

Phew! That’s a LOT of things. We’d love to know what makes you smile too. Let us know in the comments below or share in Operation Smile.


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