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Working at Smile - 26-06-2024 - - 0 comments
Where Can A Cover Supervisor Role Take Your Career?

Cover Supervisor roles aren’t just for graduates. If you’re after a change of scenery and have experience working with children and young people, this varied and rewarding role might just be the making of your career.

Whether you’re looking to taper down your working hours, want something more flexible or are interested in a role that’s more meaningful, there are plenty of openings for Cover Supervisors within schools across the Midlands.

We visited one of our partner schools within Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust — Thorns Collegiate Academy — to interview Mr Vernon. Mr Vernon started his teaching journey at Thorns as a Cover Supervisor over a decade ago after deciding to make a change in his career. Since then, he’s developed his skills and has gone on to become Deputy Head of Science.

Which subjects did you cover to begin with?

“I worked as a Cover Supervisor, predominantly in food tech, because I’ve got some qualifications in chefing and kitchen management. Then, the school took me on full-time and I worked covering lots of other subjects as a Cover Supervisor.”

How did working as a Cover Supervisor benefit your career?

“It enabled me to think on my feet and learn a lot about a lot of different subjects in a very short space of time. You get to know the kids fairly quickly from all age groups, which is good.

You have to earn your stripes at Thorns, certainly! You have to make sure that you are giving the kids the respect that they expect and, in return, you do get respect back.”

What happened next?

“I found that after a short space of time, I enjoyed the environment. I liked working with kids, although it was never a planned career move!

After a few years, the school invited me to work full-time in the Science Department because that’s what my degree was related to. After that, the school then kindly paid for me to go through my teaching qualification.”

How did you find the transition to teaching?

“I found it quite easy, I would say, that’s not to be big-headed! I had a lot of support from the school and because I was already working within a department I got access to lots of resources. Particularly the people around me – they had lots of experience to help me get through what is normally quite a hard time for trainee teachers. That stood me in good stead for qualifying as a teacher and working my way up.”

What does your role look like today?

“I’ve been Deputy Head of Science for about the last seven years I’ll say, I’ve not really kept track! I still enjoy doing that job, I still enjoy being in the classroom with the kids, doing practical work. Although I’ve had offers to move onwards and upwards, I’m pretty happy with where I am. So yeah, it’s a good place to be.”

Cover Supervisor Jobs Near You

Want to find out how a Cover Supervisor role could help you change your career? Smile Education can help you. We have plenty of Cover Supervisor roles across the Midlands and Greater Manchester.


If you’d like to chat to a recruitment consultant directly, call 0121 392 6570 or talk to us on live chat.

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