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Understanding and Celebrating Diversity

While working in schools you will meet students from all walks of life. You’ll support students of different ethnicities, religions, abilities and sexualities. As a teacher or teaching assistant you have the responsibility to ensure that students feel heard, safe and accepted and to ensure that students are prepared to collaborate with others regardless of their differences. 

Every child you work with will be different and their experiences when shared can bring new ways of thinking to the classroom. As educators our goal is create an inclusive environment where every child can thrive.

How can you embrace diversity in your classroom?

Learn how to pronounce students names correctly

Students from different backgrounds may have unique names which may be tricky to pronounce. Don’t be afraid to ask! Taking the time to learn a student’s name ensures that they feel seen.

Review your class library

Make sure students have access to books that reflect not only their lives but also identities and perspectives outside their experiences. Books on different cultures, ideas and traditions from around the world are a great way to educateyoung people about others and LGBTQ+ books send an inclusive message to students.

Celebrate diverse role models

Whenever possible try to introduce students to role models from different backgrounds. Not only is this guaranteed to make students feel represented but it also exposes others to different kinds of iconic people. There is a variety of celebrations throughout the year which present the perfect opportunity to do this for example Gay Pride and Black History Month. We recently identfied some amazing inspirational female teachers during Women’s History Month that you may find useful.

The learning environment

Your classroom should be inclusive too! When it comes to decorating your classroom be sure to include resources that show children from all walks of life. In doing so you are showing the children in your class that differences are normal. 

Celebrate events and occasions 

Different cultures celebrate different festivals and holidays. Embrace them! What better time to talk about ramadan than during the month itself? Celebrating these events and use them to promote discussions on the topics to explain why different occasions and festivals are celebrated and can provide a great learning opportunity. You can find some great ways to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in your classroom here.

We’d love to hear your ideas on how to make classrooms more inclusive - you can include them in the comments below. 

Don’t forget, if you are looking for a new school role, we offer both supply and permanent teaching and teaching assistant positions in schools across Birmingham, Staffordshire and the Black Country. Interested? Send us your CV here.

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