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Tips and Tricks - 22-02-2022 - - 0 comments
Things every teaching assistant needs in their bag

Working as a teaching assistant can be a rewarding yet hectic job. Some teaching assistants will work with one teacher, however, most will spend their day changing between different classrooms and age groups and if you’re on supply you might be visiting different schools too! This is why the contents of your bag are so important if you want your day to be smooth sailing.


Hopefully, this goes without saying but the most important item you can have in your bag is your stationery. It’s inevitable that some of your students will forget a pen or pencil, it can be extremely helpful to have some extra stationery so their learning isn’t hindered.


With such a hectic workday you’re going to need a planner to schedule in your extra commitments. As our policy guidelines state, when you enter a school you should find out the school’s fire drill instructions, behaviour policy and even ask for a map of the school. We'd suggest making a note or taking a copy of this so it's with you at all times. 

Fidget/ sensory toy

Research has shown that fidget/ sensory toys help primary school children with ADHD/ADD to improve focus, attention and memory. Therefore, if you work with students with ADHD and ADD you might want to consider having one to hand to help them get through long periods of time (like class reading or presentations). You can find more tips about working with SEN students here.

A Book

Reading time in class is common in most schools and so are the children that forget their books for reading time so it’s a good idea to bring a book with you to help those kids out. If this isn’t an issue that you have faced then firstly, it doesn't hurt to be prepared and secondly reading material for yourself is always a good idea.


No matter how much you try to avoid it, heading outside for a lesson, P.E. lesson, sports day or extra-curricular is inevitable (however, we do have a blog full of extra-curricular ideas you could suggest to keep you inside instead). This is why we suggest always having a bag with some comfortable sportswear with you. Don’t forget your trainers!

Now that your bag is all packed you’re ready to go and find your next teaching assistant role. Have a look at our latest roles near you.

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