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Your NQT Induction - What to Expect

Your QTS is in the bag and all that stands between you and your full qualification is your NQT induction. So, what’s in store?

What is an NQT introduction for?

The NQT induction process is designed to help make your journey into teaching as smooth as possible. It provides new teachers, like you, with support and guidance to help you feel confident in the classroom.

The induction itself takes one year, however, this could be extended to two years as a result of recent DfE proposals. Essentially it acts as a bridge between your initial teacher training and your teaching career.

During your NQT induction, you will work from a reduced timetable and will be expected to demonstrate that you have met all of the relevant professional standards to become an effective teacher.

How long does the process take?

Your NQT induction period will usually last three school terms and is usually completed consecutively and on a full-time basis, something which we can help you to find.

Alternatively, you could consider a position on a long-term supply basis as long as it covers one or more terms. You could also consider doing your induction year part-time, although bear in mind your induction will then last for six terms (two academic years).

What support will I have during my Induction?

During your induction year, you will receive:

  • A 10% reduction in your teaching timetable in order for you to develop your skills out of the classroom. In addition to your 10% planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time.

  • Reviews on your progress, together with formal meetings each term with your headteacher and/or induction tutor.

  • Finally, by gaining your NQT year through Smile, you will have regular contact throughout your placement with your own dedicated consultant, who will be available to offer you any additional support and advice you need.

How do I pass?

During the course of your induction, you will be observed regularly by your mentor in order to assess your teaching ability. You and your mentor will also have regular meetings to discuss any areas of concern.

At the end of each full term, you’ll be formally assessed by either your mentor or a school leader, who will look at your progress towards the Teaching Standards. The Teaching Standards detail what is expected of you as a teaching professional in terms of subject knowledge, planning, assessment and managing the learning environment, as well as personal and professional conduct.

The good news is, is that there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises during your assessment as Guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) states that NQTs should be kept up to date on their progress.

Upon your final assessment, in your third or sixth term depending on whether you opted for a part-time or full-time induction, your school leader is required to make a recommendation to either the local authority or relevant teaching school, and address whether you have made satisfactory progress towards meeting the Teaching Standards. After reviewing the evidence, they will then write to the leader to confirm their decision.

Can the NQT induction be completed in any school?

Your NQT induction year can be completed in almost any school. However, there are some exceptions and some Sixth form colleges, maintained Nursery schools and independent schools there may be certain requirements that are met before the induction programme can proceed.

If you are looking for support in finding your NQT placement then please get in touch or submit your CV now.

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