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We've answered all of our frequently asked questions!

We recently asked our Instagram followers for any questions they may have about supply teaching with Smile. 

After getting a few questions in we thought what better idea than to pop our answers in a blog for you all, this way they’re extra-accessible for those that do have the same questions. 

Here are our answers…

Why choose supply teaching?

Lots of reasons why people choose supply:

Flexible to fit around your lifestyle

Opportunity to get experience working in lots of different schools

Strengthen your CV

Boost your confidence


Can I register with more than one agency?

Yes, you can register with as many agencies as you like. 


Will I have a choice of schools/roles?

You choose the roles and schools that are right for you.


Will I have to travel far to get to work?

Again that’s totally up to you. You specify how far you are willing to travel and the areas you wish to work in when you register with us. 


I don’t drive and use public transport, will this affect what roles I am offered?

No, at your interview we’ll ask you how you plan to travel to work. We’ll keep this in mind when offering roles to make sure that you are able to reach the school via public transport.


Do you offer any additional training?

Yes. We offer a number of online accredited training courses as well as some face-to-face training which includes Emergency Paediatric First Aid and Team Teach. 


What is the pay like?

Rates of pay will vary between schools and areas but tends to depend on experience. This is discussed at registration.


Will I be given plenty of work?

Supply work is available every day, whether it is the daily rush for emergency short-term cover or the opportunity of a long-term placement. Often you will find demands vary from term to term, depending on school requirements.


I don’t have a DBS, can I still register?

Yes! We are able to put a DBS into process for you. They cost £44. Once you’ve worked 10 days with us this will be refunded.


I have an existing DBS, but it’s not on the Update Service?

We’ll need to put a new one into process for you. It will cost £44 for us to do this. Once you’ve worked 10 days with us this will be refunded. 


My DBS is on the Update Service, can I use this one?

Yes. If your DBS is on the Update Service then we’ll just need the DBS number in order to access it.


Will I always get a call in the morning or can I get booked in advance? 

This depends on the type of work you are looking for. We ask each of our school staff for the notice they require for work so if you don’t want early morning calls you won’t receive them. Many of our schools book in advance so you won’t be at a disadvantage either way! 


When will I be paid?

All of our teaching and support staff are paid on a weekly basis. You’ll be paid every Friday for work completed the previous week. 

We hope this blog has answered any questions you may have had but if not, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also follow our Instagram where all of our most recent hot jobs get posted on our stories so that you don’t have to miss out on your next new exciting role.

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