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Supply vs. Permanent Teaching - What Are The Benefits?

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to teaching roles. Depending on your experience, flexibility or career goals, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding out what's best for you. Here, we've outlined some of the differences between both supply teaching and opting for a permanent position.

Supply work

If you choose to work as a supply teacher, you may be able to choose between working from day-to-day, short-term and long-term. You can also get experience in working in multiple types of schools, which is a great way to build up a lot of different skills. It's important to note that you don't always need to be supply teacher - while this is an excellent way to build up your experience and work around your own flexibility, you can also use what you've gained to opt for a more permanent position within a school. 


As we've already mentioned, supply teaching can give you the ability to make your work life more flexible. You can often choose what type of schools you'd like to teach in, how much you'd like to work and when you're able to do so. It also allows for the ability to change your schedule - so if you decide you want to do more or less work, it's likely you'll be able to slot it in. If you like new challenges, new environments and meeting new people, this can be the perfect route to go down.

Build on Your Experience

As a supply teacher, you'll get the opportunity to work in a huge variety of schools, networking with other education professionals and you might even be meeting new people each week. If you're working with a permanent role in mind for the future, you'll be able to ascertain which type of school you'd prefer to work in, and the kind of work you'd prefer to do. Not to mention - all the varied experience you'll have will look spectacular on your CV.

Opening You Up to Opportunity

As mentioned, if you're wanting to work in a more permanent role in the future, supply teaching is a great way to get on the right path. Supply teaching roles can lead to permanent opportunities within the schools you're working in, and with all the connections you'll be making along the way, you can prove your excellent teaching ability and suitability for the school on the job!

When you work as a supply teacher with Smile Education, you'll also get access to free training, invites to events and most importantly, regular, ongoing support. Find out more about supply teaching roles at Smile Education here.

Permanent Teaching Roles

As a teacher, teaching assistant or support services professional, you'll also be able to access a breadth of opportunities within schools across the UK. At Smile Education, we can also help you find a permanent teaching position that's right for you, depending on your experience, location and availability.

Routine and Stability

If you want to work within the same school for a longer period of time, a permanent role is the obvious choice. This will give you the ability to earn a steady salary, work in a consistent routine and gain more stability within your role.

Build strong relationships

You'll also have the chance to build strong relationships with other professionals within your school, as well as with the children and young people you'll be teaching. This will allow you to create deeper connections - some of which can last a lifetime! 

Career Progression

Looking to move up the career ladder and settle yourself into a role with more responsibility? After getting to know your colleages, students and other staff very well, you'll be able to seize opportunities for progression, which is excellent if you're looking for a change in the structure of your role at a school.

Using us to find your next permanent teaching role in a school also comes with a number of benefits such as lifetime access to our training and wellbeing platforms and cutting edge video technology to help you stand out from the crowd. Find out more about our permanent recruitment services here

Smile Education

Hopefully, this has helped to make your decision process a little easier. Whether you are looking for a permanent for supply teaching role in Greater Manchester, the East Midlands or West Midlands, then we can help. Take a look at our latest roles or submit your CV to get the process started.


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