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Our NQT Survival Guide

It’s not easy being green or an NQT. In fact, many describe their first year of teaching as exhausting. 

But it’s often after the first month when NQTs start to feel tired and down. They are not used to how much work they have to do as a full-time teacher and the days start to get longer and darker. With this in mind, it’s so important to look out for signs that an NQT might be struggling. 

One in seven NQTs who had qualified in 2017 had dropped out by the following year. To help reduce this number, here are some survival tips to pass on to your NQTs to ensure that they make it through the year in one piece! 


1. Always take your breaks.

2. Always have lunch in the staffroom.

3. Always go to bed when you are tired, even if it is only 8.30 pm.

4. Eat well.

5. Exercise.

6. Take a multi-vitamin.

7. Learn to meditate.

8. Set aside the night before the lightest day on your timetable for social activities – plan and do fun things.

If you notice that an NQT or a fellow employee is struggling we advise that you point them in the direction of The Education Support Partnership, a charity that runs a helpline for teacher needing help with their mental health and well-being. 

Smile Education are now partnered with this charity via our payroll company, People. Those paid via People earn points each time they are paid which can be used on services offered by the charity.

You can contact The Education Support Partnership on 08000 562 561. Don't forget, the team at Smile are always here to lend an ear too! 

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