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Tips and Tricks - 21-03-2022 - - 0 comments
Celebrating Easter in the classroom

Easter is always an exciting time of year regardless of your age (we personally can’t wait for our Easter chocolate this year!). So it’s no wonder you would want to bring some Easter fun into your classroom this April.

To help get you started we have asked some of our teachers for their favourite activities to get your class egg-cited for Easter!

Crack up with some Easter stories.

The BookTrust website has a long list of books perfect for early years and primary school children to get them crackin’ up this Easter. You could even include some poems and stories that fit your curriculum whilst still having an Easter or Spring theme.

Become an Easter eggs-pert

Easter has a deep history rooted in Christianity and it can be interesting to teach about the religious background of the holiday. However, not everyone in your class will identify with one religion so it’s good to keep a neutral lesson plan. Try focusing on the story of the Easter Bunny, you can use drawings, poems and storyboards to have your children explore the origin and development of the narrative over the years!

Egg-spress your creativity

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate Easter is to decorate boiled eggs, it’s a timeless, fun and creative activity that has a special place in many adults' memories. However, there are so many different activities you can do to get your pupils to be creative. The One Little Project website has a variety of fun crafts that would be perfect for primary school children.

Eggs-plore the classroom with a scavenger hunt

Get your class involved with a modern and educational twist on the traditional scavenger hunt. Use your current or recent learning from your lessons to place clues all around the classroom. For example, you can use a maths equation as a part of a riddle to get to the next clue. Not only will this celebrate Easter and get your pupils learning in a fun way but it will also get them to communicate with their group and work as a team!

Make sure to check out our other blog full of Easter activities we hope will get your class egg-static about the holiday

If you are looking for a new egg-citing opportunity after the holiday have a look at our latest job roles or send us your CV!

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