Safer Recruitment Training

What is Safer Recruitment Training?

Safer Recruitment Training in Education is a full day course, run by an accredited trainer, which provides recruiting staff members or volunteers, in any educational sector, with the skills they need to find suitable applicants to work with children or vulnerable adults.

Who is it for?

The course is designed for anyone in education who is involved in the recruitment of other staff members or volunteers. This includes Headteachers, HR Directors and any other members of the senior leadership team who are part of the hiring process.

The training is applicable in all educational settings such as schools, colleges, nurseries, residential education facilities and sports clubs.

What does the training cover?

Safer recruitment and the wider context of safeguarding.
Prevalence of abuse and profile of abusers.
How abusers operate within organisations.
Features of a safer recruitment process.
Planning a safer recruitment process.
Making the right decisions: interview and selection.
Setting acceptable standards of behaviour.
Maintaining an ongoing culture of vigilance.


Safer Recruitment Training

Safer Recruitment Training

Why should you do Safer Recruitment Training?

Safer Recruitment Training is essential for any school which has to hire and fire staff whether they be educational or support. The training allows you or other members of your team to identify behaviour which might be considered inappropriate in a more timely fashion.

Creating a culture of safe recruitment is important and by undertaking Safer Recruitment Training, your school can adopt procedures which will help to deter, reject or identify people who may be a danger to children. Without proper training, your school may run the risk of employing someone who is unsuitable and unintentionally put children at risk.

Our course takes a practical approach to address the concerns that you may face while recruiting, giving you the confidence to recruit without worry. The training which lasts for a day, takes you through the entire recruitment process, from the initial consideration to the interviewing stage and the eventual hiring.

What you will learn from Safer Recruitment Training?

Be able to identify the key features of recruitment that help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people.
Have a clear understanding of how to promote a safer culture and recruiting process within your own organisation.
Have the skills and understanding to implement the safer recruitment process.
Be able to confidently assess and recruit suitable candidates.

When can I do Safer Recruitment Training?

We run courses routinely throughout the year, please keep a lookout or send an enquiry for more information.

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