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ECT Jobs: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Are you graduating with a QTS in the next few months? If you’re looking for your first teaching job after qualifying, it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds.

The Smile Education team have brought together a quick guide of our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ECT roles.

Don’t want to read the full thing? Get a quicker answer to your question about getting your first teaching job by calling our friendly team on 0121 392 6570.

What is an ECT?

ECT stands for Early Career Teacher. An Early Career Teacher is someone with QTS (qualified teacher status) who has been employed at a school.

If you’ve started your first teaching role, you’ll be an Early Career Teacher for your first 2 years as a teacher. This is known as your induction period, which will help you build the skills you need to teach to the best of your ability.

What’s the difference between an NQT and an ECT?

NQT stands for “Newly Qualified Teacher”, but this has now been renamed to “Early Career Teacher” as of March 2021.

This was due to changes published by the government, which updated existing guidance on the induction period for new teachers.

How do I get more experience as an ECT?

As you’ll know, not every school is created equal, and getting teaching experience in a variety of settings can be hugely beneficial for your career.

To do this, you may want to consider short term supply work. This will allow you to work in different types of schools, year groups and more, all while developing new skills and enhancing your CV.

You wont be short on support, either, as recruitment agencies like Smile Education will give you everything you need to start your teaching career. Not only this, but we also offer access to essential training, which will get you prepared for whatever your career throws at you.

For more information about supply teaching jobs, read our blog on the benefits of short term supply as an ECT.

What should I expect as an ECT?

It goes without saying that starting your teaching career can be quite a daunting experience! Not only will you be taking on all the responsibilities of a teacher, but you’ll also be getting used to a completely new environment.

In this critical stage of your journey as a teacher, you can expect to be supported by your employer or agency with suitable training to help you build your confidence and skills. You can also expect to learn more about different career paths as a teacher, and find out about which one you’d ideally like to pursue.

While you can expect to be supported throughout your time as an ECT, it’s understandable you might be finding the process stressful. Luckily, we’ve got some tips – read our blog on handling stress and pressure as an ECT.

What are schools looking for in ECTs?

As someone new to teaching, you may be wondering about some of the specific skills your desired school will be looking for in your application.

For example, schools will be looking for examples of your classroom management skills, evidence of your confidence within a teaching setting, passion for education and more.

We spoke to our schools and asked them about some of the most important attributes they look for when hiring. Read more about them in our blog about what schools are looking for in their ECTs.

ECT Teaching Jobs for September 2023

If you’re graduating with a QTS soon and want to know more about ECT jobs near you, we can help. Smile Education are an award-winning education recruitment agency with over 13 years in the business, as well as connections with some of the best schools across the West Midlands, East Midlands and the North West.

To find a role that’s right for you, you can browse our current teaching job opportunities or get in touch with our friendly team today by calling 0121 392 6570. We can’t wait to help you further your career in teaching!


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