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27-04-2020 - - 0 comments
5 Life lessons children can learn from gardening.

Children don’t need to be in a classroom or sitting behind a computer screen to learn new skills. In fact, there are plenty of life lessons they can learn simply by venturing into the garden and getting their hands dirty.

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore. It can actually be something fun that you and your children do together. And hey, you never know, maybe you’ll both learn something…


Gardening is a great way to get your children to accept responsibility for a certain task or project. This could be something simple like digging a hole or making sure that the plants get watered every day. Adopting a healthy attitude towards responsibility will also help your children to take pride in their accomplishments. 


If you can be creative anywhere it’s in the garden. Have your kids get involved in choosing the plants as well as planting them or have them paint or draw the flowers they see. Whatever they are doing, the garden is a great place for them to explore and discover new things.


More and more of us are now growing food at home making the garden a great environment to teach your children about the importance of getting the right nutrients and how growing food at home can help with that. Teaching your children where fresh food comes from will help them to make better food choices in the future. 

Health and fitness

Gardening is not just a means to an end either. It’s also really good for you. Spending some time in the garden will not only make it look nicer but you’ll feel better too. 


Think of our garden as your outdoor classroom where your children can learn about nature, plants, nutrition and even different weather conditions. Spending time in the garden gives them the opportunity to see how sunshine affects plants, the importance of insects like bees and the role we can play in looking after the environment. 

So, if you are looking for a way to keep your kids occupied, then head out into the garden and get ready to teach them a new life lesson. Who knows one day they might pass these skills onto their own children?


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