Cover Supervisor Training

What is Cover Supervisor Training and who should do it?

Our Cover Supervisor Training was designed specially by us following feedback from our cover supervisors.

The training package is tailored for cover supervisors who are looking to take the next step in their career and eventually undertake a PGCE or similar teacher training course. The training offers participants the opportunity to develop their classroom management skills and gives them the tools they need to think on their feet in situations where no classwork has been set.

The training is suitable for anyone who is considering work or currently working as a cover supervisor. To learn more about the role of a cover supervisor and what is required, look at our blog: Could you be a cover supervisor?

We also recommend taking a look at Q&As with current Smile cover supervisors Louise Dance and Shaik Ahmed.

Cover Supervisor Training with Smile Education

Smile Education run Cover Supervisor Training

What is covered the training?

Our cover supervisor training lasts two hours and covers the following:

  • The School Day - giving you a valuable insight into how the schools you work in functions and what you should expect
  • Professional Conduct - advice on how you should behave when you are in school and what is expected of you as a cover supervisor
  • Behaviour Management - we’ll give you a range of tools and techniques that you’ll be able to use in the classroom to help you not only manage but prevent disruptive behaviour. We also look at real life scenarios and the best way to react to difficult situations

Why do Cover Supervisor Training?

Our cover supervisor training is highly recommended and gives you the skills that you need to effectively manage a classroom.

  • Give you the confidence to handle any situation in the classroom.
  • Give you strategies which will enable you to maximise the opportunities for learning.
  • Provide you with valuable tools and techniques to prevent and manage disruptive behaviour.
  • Give you ideas and resources to take away that will make your classroom more interactive.
  • Professional training looks great on your CV and for teacher training applications.
How much does the training cost?

Nothing! Our cover supervisor training is completely free for anyone registered with Smile Education. All you'll need to bring along with you is yourself, a notepad and pan and your lunch!

When and where can I do Cover Supervisor Training?

We run training sessions every half term and are usually held at our Birmngham or Cannock office. To find out the date of our next Cover Supervior Training, get in touch using the form below.

In the meantime, take a look at our cover supervisor jobs.

Cover Supervisor Training provided by Smile Education

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