Cover Supervisor Training

What is Cover Supervisor Training and who should do it?

Our cover supervisor training is a must for any existing or aspiring cover supervisors and is perfect for graduates interested in teaching.

This bespoke training package is designed specifically for cover supervisors who are looking to improve their skills and potentially take the next step in their career and undertake a PGCE or similar teacher training course. You will learn practical techniques that you can use to improve your classroom management skills and give you the confidence to deal with challenging behaviour.

Have a look at our blog to see if a role as a Cover Supervisor could be right for you: Could you be a cover supervisor? or take a look at our day in the life blogs by cover supervisors, Louise Dance and Shaik Ahmed.

Smile Education provide Cover Supervisor training for aspiring cover supervisors in the West Midlands.

Smile Education run termly training sessions to help aspiring cover supervisors gain confidence in the classroom

What does our cover supervisor training cover?

Our cover supervisor training lasts two hours and covers the following:

  • The School Day - giving you a valuable insight into how secondary schools function and what you should expect to find when you're there
  • Advice on professional conduct - this includes important do's and don'ts, as well as expectations schools will have of you in your role as cover supervisor
  • We’ll give you a range of tools and behaviour management techniques that you’ll be able to use in the classroom to help you not only manage but prevent disruptive behaviour. We also look at real life scenarios and practice the best way to react to difficult situations that may potentially arise while teaching

Why do Cover Supervisor Training?

By doing our cover supervisor training you will gain access to the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in a classroom within a secondary school.

  • Increase your confidence to handle any situation that may arise in the classroom
  • Teach you strategies which will enable you to maximise the opportunities for student learning
  • Provide you with a handy toolkit to help you prevent and manage disruptive student behaviour when it arises
  • Give you ideas and resources to take away that will make your classroom more interactive and learning more engaging
  • Professional training looks great on your CV and increases your opportunity for success in teacher training applications
How much does the training cost?

For all of those registered with us our cover supervisor training is completely free. All you'll need is a laptop or computer and some wifi! 

When and where can I do Cover Supervisor Training?

While social distancing measures remain in place our Cover Supervisor Training is currently being held online. To find out the date of our next Cover Supervior Training session, get in touch using the form below.

In the meantime, take a look at our cover supervisor jobs.

Smile Education's cover supervisor training offers a number of benefits to those interested in teaching or cover supervisor work.

Enquire about our cover supervisor training here

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