As a teacher it's responsibility to inspire young minds and we want to help you do that! We offer both temporary and permanent roles in schools across the Midlands. 

Primary teaching

Primary teachers teach ages 4-11 and work in primary schools. As a primary school teacher, you'll cover all areas of the cirriculum and be expected to teach everything from English to maths and history to RE.

Primary Teacher Jobs

Secondary teaching

Secondary teachers work with those who are between the ages of 11 and 16. As a secondary school teacher, you are likely to have a specialist subject which you'll teach across year groups e.g. history, maths or even music. 

Secondary teacher jobs

Types of school you can work in

Our goal is to improve the education of children in the UK and as a result with work with many different types of schools.

Academies and free schools

Don't have to follow the national curriculum and may focus on a specialism such as business or the arts.


Must follow the national curriculum and can focus on specific subjects such as RE in faith schools.

Grammar schools

Are funded by the local authority but select pupils based on their ability. Students sit the '11-plus' to determine entry.


Otherwise known as private. Are exempt from following the national curriculum, focusing instead on the child's individual creative, moral and personal development.

Send you CV

Send your CV to us today to be considered for a teaching role in a primary or secondary school near you. 

By uploading your CV and contact details, you are agreeing to our policies and procedures and giving us permission to process your personal details in regard to any school, nursery or children's residential role that we believe matches your experience, qualifications and personality. Those successful will be asked to complete a thorough registration process in line with both Safer Recruitment and APSCo Compliance+.

Any personal information submitted to us such as your previous experience and qualification will be used by our recruitment consultants in order to consider your appropriateness for any roles that we may have available.

We value your privacy. You can find our Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy here. which explains how we will use your personal information and the ways in which we will process and retain it. It also explains the rights you have in relation to your information, and how to get in touch with any questions or requests.

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