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Smile Education is constantly recruiting for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors to join our family of supply staff.

If you know anyone looking for work we would be delighted if you would refer them over to us and as a thank you!

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I've worked for 'Smile' for nearly a year now and am more than satisfied with them. They listen carefully to my needs and cater for me excellently. As someone who uses public transport, they always strive to find me local schools (who I regularly return to).


I regularly recommend Smile to anyone that would be suitable for supply work and give examples of how effective Smile has been in my own career progression; including the commitment from staff and lovely relationships built.


I don't think I would enjoy my job so much if it wasn't for Emma and smile’s agency.  From day one she has made me feel welcome and Emma is very polite and easy to get on with. I feel I can phone Emma with any problems I have and I am always guaranteed a reply the same day.


Smile as a company have been great at being helpful and communicating regularly.  Emma was honest and friendly and really gave me a personal service catered to my personal needs – texting me details as it is easier to reply and read while at work or on the go. 


You found me a school that is 3 miles from where I live, and which suited me perfectly. The children, staff and parents are fantastic. I felt valued and part of the team at Langley Primary School, Oldbury. All the consultants I have dealt with have been friendly and listen to what my school requirements are.


Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure to work for you. Smile has made it possible for me to further my career and gain valuable experience in a variety of schools. Katy is amazing, friendly, helpful and excellent at her job


Complaints Procedure


1.    INTRODUCTION- We are committed to proving a high quality service to our customers and clients. We ensure that:  ·Making a complaint is as easy as possible and we treat complaints as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our services, calling for immediate action to be taken.

· We deal with a complaint promptly, politely and where necessary, confidentially and we respond in the appropriate way and we learn from complaints and ensure that any errors are not made again.

 2.    INFORMAL COMPLAINTS- An informal approach to handling complaints is appropriate in some cases. We would ask that you please speak to your consultant to raise any issues or areas of concern, or if you feel it is more appropriate, please ask for their Team Leader’s contact details.  Informal complaints may be raised via telephone, email or in writing.  If concerns are raised that cannot be satisfactorily resolved informally, or are of a severe nature, we ask individuals to follow the formal complaints procedure.

 3.    HOW TO LOG AN EXTERNAL COMPLAINT- The Company’s formal complaints procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are handed fairly, consistently and resolved to a satisfactory standard.  All employees are responsible for dealing with complaints; however please ensure you inform your line manager/team leader and HR department. 

Stage 1: In the first instance, we ask for complaints to be resolved informally. Should this not be possible, complaints must be made formally in writing, by either an email or letter to HR. Complaints should be received within 4 weeks of the issue arising and contain the following information:

-                 Explain the issue and clearly and fully as possible, including any action taken so far;

·                Names of the employees, clients or customers involved; and the resolution sought.

The Company endeavours to acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 5 working days; this will be communicated by either letter or email, depending on how the complaint was received.  Smile Education asks those complaining to recognise that some circumstances and situations may be out of the Company’s control.

 Stage 2: The Company will then respond in writing to the complaint within 15 working days after the acknowledgement date, stating:- What action is to be taken and when this is to be completed; and who will be overseeing the resolution and become the point of contact.

 Appeal: We hope that a complaint is resolved at this stage, however if this is not the case and you wish to appeal, please escalate in writing to Katy Rees, Managing Director.  Alternatively, you will be referred to APSCO.

 Extending time limits: Smile Education aims to complete all complaints within the timescales above, however if the case is very complex, it may occasionally be necessary to extend these limits. In the event of a time-limit extension, we will keep the complainant informed of the investigations progress, the reasons for the delay and a new deadline.





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